Staying safe on the road is a concern for all of us; keeping your eyes forward, hands on the wheel, and distractions to a minimum as you head to your destination in elegance and comfort in a new Mercedes-Benz is a wonderful feeling. However, what if you need all the protection you can get? For those who need to stay safe in, well, more hazardous environments, the 2015 S600 Guard is perfect. With steel plating underneath the vehicle and between the body structure and outer skin, it can stop bullets and explosions with ease. Take a look at this gorgeous tank of a car:

While the S600 Guard isn't available here at Courtesy Motors Auto Center, Inc., we have a plethora of other models ready for your perusing pleasure. Make our Chico, CA location your next stop and prepare to find something truly spectacular, meeting all your particular automotive tastes and then some.

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