Very exciting news to report here today for our area coupe drivers, as there will be an amazing new option in that category to be found within the 2015 Mercedes-Benz lineup; and that new model is the S-Class Coupe. Have a look below for a visual.

Isn't that amazing looking? The exterior styling was inspired by a legendary concept model our automaker debuted a number of years ago. Under that beautiful new hood is a 4.7-L V8 biturbo engine which produces 449 horsepower, and a peak torque output of 516 pound-feet. And the interior is both highly luxurious, and filled with the newest in tech features like a new touchpad instrument control system; placing functionality literally at your fingertips.

And as always, for a test drive of your own on this, or any other new Mercedes-Benz model here in our Chico, CA area, visit our dealership.

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