Have you ever watched an icon become a legend? We see it happen every day here in our new inventory at Courtesy Motors Auto Center, Inc. Take a look at the legends that grew from yesterday's icons.

We introduced the all-new luxury sport sedan to you last month, and this month we plan to go a bit more in depth, because we truly believe it’s a legend in the making. Take what's lurking under the hood for example. Two of its engine options boast first and second in power in the sedan segment, coming in at 469 horsepower for the Mercedes-Benz C63 and 503 horsepower for the C63 S. The new AMG DYNAMIC SELECT feature lets drivers dial in on chassis and turning, as well as exhaust sound and other features to improve handling, responsiveness, and overall enjoyment behind the wheel.

If you'd like to watch an icon become a legend with us, visit us at our Mercedes-Benz car dealership in Chico, Ca today for a test drive.