The EQB will benefit from a 225-horsepower electric motor that can send its power to the wheels via a three-motor setup or a single-speed transmission. The electric motor combines with an air suspension system, which can lower the vehicle's ride height by up to 2 inches for better aerodynamics and handling.

The high-performance SUV has a driving range of up to 370 miles on one charge, making it one of the best all-electric SUVs currently available. The EQB will also be the first Mercedes-Benz model to offer a performance version of the EQ Boost electric motor, which delivers 288 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

Mercedes-Benz EQB performance features are designed to help you stay on the road and keep your vehicle moving forward. The automated emergency braking feature can detect collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians, while the forward collision warning system identifies obstacles in front of your car and alerts you if there is any danger of collision.

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