Learn the Benefits of Buying an Electric Vehicle in Chico, CA

Electric Vehicles Showing California Love

We know that some of you have questions about the upcoming transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs). We've lived on gas-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs for over a century now, and they've been quite convenient with features and designs. So, you may be wondering why there is a shift looming in the automobile industry. Well, technology is here to improve the quality of our lives. From cell phones to internet speeds, convenience is the driving force for many of us in Chico and Redding. So, it was only a matter of time before that convenience hit the automobile world. EVs are here to make your drive smoother and more efficient. How? At Courtesy Mercedes, we'll show you.

Reasons To Buy An Electric Vehicle

The benefits of driving electric will send a shock to your bank account. There are a few incentives that come with purchasing an EV in California. 

Save Money

EVs are a game-changer when it comes to keeping more money in your bank account. The vehicle tax credits and rebates can send thousands of dollars back into your purse or wallet in no time. You can receive thousands of dollars in tax credits and rebates in California. There's a clean vehicle rebate for up to $2,000, a low-emission vehicle rebate for up to $5,000, and more. That's a nice payback for simply switching to electric power. You can check with your tax specialist in your area in California to see exactly how much you can receive. Additionally, since electric motors don't require things like oil changes and other regular maintenance, you'll skip out on a few expenses to maintain your vehicle. There's nothing like a price chop to put a smile on your face while you head out of the repair garage.

But, that's just where the savings begin. Since EVs don't require gas, you won't have to dump upwards of $60 or more to fill up your tank for the week. How much money could you save if you remove those annoying stops at the gas station? That depends on the size of your gas tank, but we're sure it would be enough to purchase something nice and shiny or put towards a family vacation.

Increased Driving Range and Performance

Now, about eliminating your need for gas. Some of the most efficient vehicles on the market can only provide up to 35 MPG on a full tank. So, when you realize you've gone over 200 miles on a full charge, you might be shocked (how about that for a pun?) and amazed. Technology is designed to make our lives more convenient, and it doesn't get much more convenient than traveling a couple of hundred miles without needing to stop for a refill.

And, EVs offer exceptional performance upgrades. Why? Because electric power can do more than the gas-powered vehicles of yesterday. Increased horsepower and torque are two things that will improve your vehicle's driving performance in Durham and Oroville.

Easy Charging

Charging your EV is probably the easiest part of owning your vehicle. Most, if not all, EVs come with home charging devices with optional quick charging equipment. Depending on your unit and vehicle, you can get an 80% charge in under 40 minutes. But, what if you need a quick boost while you're out and about? That's ok. You'll have access to a wide range of public charging ports. In a matter of seconds, you'll have every location of every nearby charging port sent to your smartphone.

New Electric Vehicles by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has joined the race to create some of the best luxury EVs to offer for 2022. With vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz EQS, Mercedes-Benz EQB, and the Mercedes-Benz EQE, you'll have increased driving range and performance capability with an electric motor.

You can check us out at Courtesy Mercedes to stay up to date on the release of all-new, fully electric Mercedes-Benz EVs. We are on the brink of upgraded driving performance and convenience-and it just gets better with Mercedes-Benz.

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