While you're making reservations for your service appointment please note that if you're planning on waiting for your vehicle to be serviced or repaired, our service write up process starts at 7:30am and our technicians start work at 8:00am.

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Are you good at keeping up with regular maintenance for your new Mercedes-Benz? It's okay to admit that you've missed an appointment here or there. it happens. However, here at Courtesy Automotive of Chico, we want our customers to understand the importance of routine upkeep. There are a number of advantages to maintaining recommended Mercedes-Benz service. Take a look at the advice below and then schedule your next appointment on our site.

The Importance Of Regular Maintenance

Save On Expensive Repairs

Regular maintenance tasks could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Something as simple as an oil change keeps your engine's moving parts moving freely. Skipping this appointment too many times could lead to buildup and overheating, resulting in a blown engine, which would be an unnecessary and expensive repair.

Save Time

You'll save time and hassle as well. Routine maintenance prevents all sorts of issues with mechanical and technical aspects of your Mercedes-Benz. You won't have to worry about spending time at the repair shop or stuck on the side of the road if you keep up with recommended services like belt and hose inspections.

Stay Safe

Perhaps most important of all, keeping up with regular maintenance will keep you safer. Even small things like replacing worn wiper blades and filling up your washer fluid make it easier to see and to avoid accidents. Other issues like tire replacement, brake inspections, and steering work using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts are essential to vehicle safety.

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Are you ready to give us a call now that you understand the importance of Mercedes-Benz service? Our team in Chico is ready to answer your questions and provided recommendations on the services you should take care of first. Taking time to maintain your vehicle now will pay off in the long run. Book your appointment online for a time that works best for you.